Mass Communication

Mass Communication

Do you want to start your career as a journalist? You can start your career either by writing for newspapers or covering events live and thereafter, broadcast all over the world. These industries seem to be in an identical realm. But they are not same from one another. To start a career in these industries, an individual has to develop an unusual set of skills. There are some steps that you should take for start your career in the field of Journalism.

Earn a Professional Degree

Firstly, you should consider about the career to start with. In India, there are many Top Colleges and Universities offering courses focusing on addressing on web journalism. To get entry in this industry, you should know the ins and outs of this field of business. Apart from this, you should try to join those organizations that are into speech, writing and journalism. Moreover, you can sign up for the debate club or speech club.

Improve Your Skills

If you wish to kick start your Career in the Print Media, you should write everyday. As we know that practice makes a man perfect. So the more you write, the more you will be used to executing it. Create a blog and try to update it every day. By writing regularly, you will develop your own writing style.

Update Your Knowledge

Today, we find that the world is constantly changing. So you should try to learn new things and new trends in the field of Journalism. In this regard, you can attend seminars and conferences.

Enroll For an Internship Program

If you want to gain some experience, the best way is to buy an internship in newspapers and Broadcast companies. In this program, you will get the real working environment and you will learn a lot during your internship program. Moreover, you can also get a chance for a decent job in that company based upon your performance.


MBA, a post graduate degree in management, prepares the students for the world of business and finance at the senior standard. This program not only summaries all your working experiences, but it also strengthens it as well as supplements with some managerial knowledge. By joining this course, an individual can develop analytical skills for identifying, analyzing and resolving problems which are faced in business and management. He can develop the skills of leading and managing people. With the increased demand of MBA professionals, MBA institutes are growing everyday. In India, there are numerous management institutions that offer best MBA courses.

Masscomedia, one of the reputed MBA institute, also runs MBA program at its institute. In this program, it includes many workshops such as information technology, research methodology, MIS and computers for management. Under the hallmark of Masscomedia, this institute imparts innovative teaching and excellence in learning. After completing MBA program, you can start your career as executives and brand managers, executives in HR placement consultancy firms, customer care officers in telecom services, MNC banks, IT services etc.

Event Management Courses

Event Management Courses

After completing school education, every student wants to join the most emerging courses at the Top Institutes of the Country. Event management is one of the most preferred industries among the students. For getting entry in this industry, an individual should have excellent inter-personal skills and a professional degree. As an event manager, an individual should have to conceptualize for the occasion keeping in the mind the clients’ requirements and objectives and makes a plan and coordinate with different agencies. Furthermore, he also seeks permission from various government authorities, arranging performers, visualizing stage design for organizing the events.

The pay package in this field is very handsome. Masscomedia, one of the top Mass communication Institutes, also offers an exhaustive program in Event Management and Corporate Communication. This program prepares students for the professional areas of corporate communication, event management and marketing management. In this course, students will understand the importance of media and market research, budgeting, marketing and strategizing. At Masscomedia, they will also get an opportunity for doing marketing, event management and content development projects undertaken by this institute.

Gone are the days when students only opt medical and engineering as a career. Today everybody is looking for the new and exciting careers. One of the most emerging fields of today is media and mass communication. Many students want to pursue mass communication courses for acquiring skill sets in order to make a bright future in this field. Mass communication involves communicating to the masses through various modes. The most popular mediums of communication are print, television and radio. Recently, Internet has also become the fast upcoming medium.

There are numerous top mass communication institutes in India where an individual can join various courses in mass communication, journalism, animation etc. Masscomedia is one of best mass communication colleges of India that offers many diploma and degree courses in advertising, journalism, event management, animation, TV production, broadcast journalism and much more. This institute spreads over 30,000 square feet and up to 450 students attend the institute everyday. It boasts of two fully equipped industry-standard TV studios, a photography studio, a radio studio and a number of online classrooms.

Today, Animation is considered as a booming industry that offers a lots of career opportunities. After earning a degree in animation, an individual can create full-length animation movies, DVDs, television commercials, make games for Internet, can create games for mobile, Internet, computer or consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation etc. In India, there are many institutes that offer Animation Courses. After completing a course in animation, a student can kick start his career as Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Content Developer, Visualiser, 2D Animator, 3D Animator, Compositing Artist, Character Animator etc. As an animator, a student can find great career path in the field of Internet, entertainment and gaming.

Animation Course

Animation Course

Masscomedia, one of the premier Mass communication institutes, offers many Animation Courses to meet the growing requirements of the media industry. This institute provides Diploma in animation, gaming and special effects of one year duration course. This course is specially designed for those who want to upgrade their skill-sets and want in-depth knowledge of graphic software. It offers many state-of-the-art facilities such as an animation lab, a large TV studio, superior quality radio studio and much more. It also time to time conducts extra-curricular activities for e.g. rock shows and parties, seminars, conferences at its campus.

Do you want to build your career in documentary films? If yes, then you should join a documentary film making course from Top Mass Communication Colleges. In this course, students create, organize and develop resources of learning for Documentary Production. Documentary film is a category of visual expressions that referred to movies shot on film stock. It also covers the productions of video and digital that can either direct to video or made for a television series.

Masscomedia, one of the Top Mass Communication Institutions of India, offers Documentary Production course. The duration of this course is six months that covers introduction to films in general, visual, communication, fiction, music videos, advertisements, documentaries etc. This documentary film making course also explains packing shots selection, framing, visual grammar, use of BG symbolism in the visual media and much more. Students also learn basics of editing i.e. transitions, montage, speed/tempo, taking story forward etc. After completing the course from Masscomedia, students will well versed in the principles and diverse theoretical, legal and practical areas, theory, principles, law and practice of particularly broadcast journalism and much more. This mass communication institute also has 100% placement record. So you need not worry about job after completing the course.

Today, professional education is must for being placed in the esteemed organization. Specialized courses like Journalism and Mass communication courses offer a lot of job opportunities in the field of advertising, journalism, public relation, animation, event management, Broadcast Journalism etc. Masscomedia, the first nodal institute of Noida, offers a lot of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in mass communication and broadcast journalism for instance, P.G. Diploma in Mass Communication, Diploma in Animation & special effects, B. Sc. Multimedia Technology, Master of Journalism and much more. This institute has also collaboration with Indian and International universities.

Masscomedia provides world class facilities to its students. This institute is well equipped with many amenities such as wireless network library, 4 CAM TV studio with TRAIX technology, an outdoor TV studio and stage for organizing events. It also has well equipped and fully furnished classrooms and e-corridors for study. This mass communication institute also has file servers of 10TB that will help in storing and archive video, animation and graphic content. It also has a 14 station non-linear editing suite with FCP. This institute also provides PG facilities near by the Masscomedia Noida campus. In short, Masscomedia brings great facilities for its students where they can get education in Mass communication without any hassle.