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We watch advertisements on televisions, newspapers, billboards, big hoardings, over Internet etc. If a company does not advertise its products and services, consumer will never know about the product or services. This is the best medium to promote your business, to increase sales of the company. That’s why, Advertising Industry is growing day by day. Advertising is an art that requires great imagination, immense creativity and visualization ideas. To start a career in advertising sector, an individual should earn a profession degree from the top institute. India’s top institutes offer courses in advertising at undergraduate and graduate level. These courses are specially designed in order to meet the specific demands of the growing sector of advertising.

Masscomedia, the first nodal Mass Communication Institute of Noida, imparts education according to market requirements that influential brains in media and education. This mass media institute offers specialized courses ranging from advertising, Production and Journalism, radio and television, print media, Internet, Special effects, gaming and many more. It also provides state of the art facilities to its students.


Today, FM radio has infused a new life to radio in the age of television and Internet. Radio Jockeying is one of the exciting and challenging careers for those youngsters who have a great passion for music. In this job profile, an individual anchors music programs on radio. Moreover, he also plays requests from listeners & interview guests, manage contests. He also provides us latest information about weather, traffic and music. If you want to build your career in this field, you should have a good voice and good communication skills apart from being friendly, spontaneous and dynamic.

Radio Jockeying Courses

Radio Jockeying Courses

Masscomedia is one of the leading institutes of India offering Radio Jockeying and Production program at its institute. This program provides excellent grounding in the theoretical as well as practical aspects of radio production. This top institute provides world class facilities to its students such as a professional FM Studio set-up for organizing talk shows and radio jockeying, an extensive music library for re-mixing and presenting shows and much more. It also provides excellent Placement Opportunities to its students. So after completing your study from this institute, you should not worry about your job.

Advertising plays a significant role in introducing new products in the market. It assists the consumers to keep updated about the launch of new products or new services at their disposal. There are various forms of advertising such as Print Media, television, Internet etc. In India, there are many companies that have separate department for advertising. This field has approached an extended way from newspapers, posters, magazines, fluorescent signboards, laser shows to inflated high risk figures and objects etc.

In the country, there are numerous institutes that offer Advertising  Courses at their institutes. Masscomedia, one of the leading mass communication colleges in India, conducts Master program in advertising, PR and marketing. This program prepares the students for client servicing, media planning, logistics, business development, media buying and selling, brand management, production and creative. In the curriculum, it includes public relations, organizational behavior, marketing communication and strategizing.  Moreover, students can also opt for specialization by working on a live project or by making a presentation.

Masscomedia also offers 100% Placement Assistance to its students. Every year, many top companies show their interests to come there for recruiting the students.

Journalism, one of the most emerging courses of India, involves in investigation and reporting of issues, events and trends to a broad audience. If you want to build your career in this field, you should have sound knowledge of various subjects. Moreover, one should also join the best Journalism College for study. There are some valuable tips that will help to choose the best college.

Journalism Institute India

Journalism Institute India

  • Before joining any institution, an individual should ask for facilities for Video Production, Photography etc. He can also ask about the production of lab journals. He should ask whether the teaching staff teach page making and design or not? Do senior students’ video productions look professional?
  • An individual should also enquire about their class strength. It must be above 10 because beyond that effective training will be difficult. Moreover, he can also ask about guest lectures, industry visit too.
  • A student should also ask about the practical training providing in Journalism College. One should check whether these journalism colleges devote much time for practical.
  • As we know that for Career in  Journalism , an individual should have wider knowledge of various subjects. So your college should have a good library having a wide range of books.
  • The last but not least is that one should also ask about the institute’s placement record. Today, there are many institutes that offer 100% placement assistance to its students. So after completing education from these institutes, one shouldn’t worry about one’s future.

By following the above mentioned tips, you can select best college for you without any hassle. Moreover, you can also ask from your friends and relatives about the reputation of the college.

Animation is an art and science that gives life to still cartoons. The Courses of Animation include the art of displaying emotions and telling a story. This way, they seek to nurture and channelize the sea of an individual’s creative fluids. They also help him in giving shape to the ideas through a medium. There is a bouquet of Animation Courses that students can select their choice of courses.

Masscomedia, a premier animation institute of Delhi, offers Diploma in Animation and special effect. The duration of this course is one year. The institute provides a vast repository of video clips for students’ usage. This repository is augmented with the addition of raw footage from students in TV Production Courses. The eligibility criteria for admission in the course is Class 12 or above. Masscomedia also offers state of the art infrastructure such as a 4 CAM TV studio, a 14 station non-linear editing suite with FCP, an outdoor TV studio and stage for events, a specialized animation lab and much more.

Today, Journalism Course is one of the most popular courses amongst the students as it brings many career options. Journalism is the investigation and reports of issues, events and trends to a broad audience. The job profile of a journalist includes in providing proper interesting information to the people. The salary package of journalist depends upon a lot of factors. If you have just started your Career in Journalism, you can earn a good salary package. But you should select a reputed institute for study. Actually, salary package depends upon the area, employer, work experience, talent and type of media.

Journalism Courses

Journalism Courses

In Delhi, there are numerous colleges that offer Journalism Courses at their institutes. Masscomedia is well known mass communication college that offers many journalism courses at its institute. This institute also provides many lavish in-house facilities such as an animation lab, a world class radio studio and much more. It also imparts practical education to the students of news documentaries, shooting movies and so on. Masscomedia also offers 100% placement assistance to its students too. So you don’t worry about your job after completing your studies from this institute.

Masscomedia is one of the most popular Mass Communication Colleges amongst those students who wish to make their careers in this area. This top institute provides intensive practical experience to the students of news documentaries, shooting movies and many more. It offers many Short Term Courses to its students like Non-linear editing and composing, Radio Jockeying and production and Photography (Foundation and advanced).

Non-linear Editing Program

The Non-Linear Editing Program aims to train those students who are seeking a career in TV production and editing in particular. This course is also beneficial for those who have working knowledge of various graphics software. Furthermore, professionals can also learn cutting edge techniques.

Radio Jockeying and Production

This is short term three month course that offers superb grounding in the theoretical as well as practical aspects of radio production. Masscomedia also has a professional FM studio set-up for conducting talk shows and radio jockeying. This institute also has an extensive music library for presenting and representing shows.


The Photography course prepares a student for the photographic industry. This program not only creates awareness and understanding in the industry, but it also helps in developing knowledge and skills for using a camera as a professional. This course will also teach all required communication and business skills to be successful in the real world.

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